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New Release

Concerning Witches and Apparitions
Joseph Glanvill 

A new transliteration of Saducismus Triumphatus, an important exploration of witchcraft and paranormal activity, first published in 1680. This little-read but nevertheless very influential book has been rendered into modern English for the first time. An introductory essay explores the historical context and some of the philosophical background to this seminal text.

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News and Events

Previously unknown Golden Dawn documents come to light. 

Holythorn Press have been given sole access to a previously unknown cache of documents relating to the Golden Dawn. Some of the documents are of historical significance, including two texts written by W. B. Yeats. Other documents relate to some of the more intriguing questions behind the Stella Matutina and the search for the German origins of the Order by Robert Felkin. Some texts relate to the mysterious Holy Order of the Sun. The original notes of the meeting agreeing the split between A. E. Waite's faction, with the members' votes noted, and more. Some will be formally published in the next year in the form of booklets with explanatory essays. The others will be published here in the blog as time permits. 

A letter from MacGregor Mathers about "That scoundrel Aleister Crowley" is available to read now. Please feel free to share and comment. 

University College Cork - Study of Religions Research Seminar Series will take place on Wednesday 15 February from 5-6pm (Irish & UK Time/GMT) on MS Teams:

Dr Sally North: "A Labyrinth of Images: WB Yeats and the Celtic Order"

This seminar will explore the secret order which Yeats founded in 1896 with the assistance of Maud Gonne, George Pollexfen, Æ, and fellow initiates of the Golden Dawn. We will look at the techniques Yeats used to contact the Tuatha de Danaan and the ancient Irish heroes using selected extracts from his unpublished “Explorations” and initiatory rituals.

The talk is now available on youtube.

University College Cork - Study of Religions Research Seminar Series will take place on Wednesday 5th of April from 5-6pm (Irish & UK Time/GMT) on MS Teams: 

James North: AE Russell, the Dublin Theosophists and the Irish Avatar. 

This talk considers the spiritual, political and cultural programme of 1890s Irish Theosophy. It shows how the vision of a spiritual awakening connected with the West of Ireland was of enduring importance AE, and how several remarkable and forgotten figures in the Dublin circle led by AE took the inspiration of Irish Theosophy from its cradle in Dublin as far as India and the West Coast of America.

The talk is now available on youtube.


About Holythorn Press

Holythorn Press is a small publishing company based in Ireland and London. Our emphasis is on esoteric books which are not only informative, but also well-designed and high quality. We are passionate about bringing to the public books and ideas which were previously kept private, or, have been forgotten and are deserving of a new generation of readers. In addition we will be publishing new writing on esotericism and culture, including, but not limited to: history, poetry, art, and philosophy.

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