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A Path to the Grail

Dion Fortune and Christian Gilson

April 2024

The Guild of the Master Jesus originated out of Dion Fortune’s wish to form a new kind of Christian worship for adepts which would become The Church of the Graal. She wrote liturgy, rituals and other papers for the Guild, some which will be published here for the first time, along with informative and thought-provoking complementary essays by Christian Gilson who had unrestricted access to all the unpublished Guild materials from the Society of the Inner Light

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A History of Irish Magic

Sally North and James North

First Edition HB &  PB

HB limited edition of 300

A groundbreaking book on Irish magic through many centuries, presented as a series of linked studies. Exploring druidism, fairy lore, sacred kingship, witchcraft trials, the Celtic Order of W. B. Yeats and the secret “Hibernian Adept” Art O’Murnaghan, A History of Irish Magic is the first book of its kind: deeply researched yet highly readable. 

This book was inspired by a realisation that though there is a widely perceived idea that Ireland is a deeply magical and mysterious island, there is no comprehensive study of magical ideas, or magical practice yet written. This book aims to recover and reveal the particular magic of place and of culture which makes Ireland unique. 

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Image copyright: Cormac Figgis

Flowering Dusk

Ella Young, with an Introduction by

Dr. Christina Oakley Harrington

Limited Edition of 300

Subtitled Things Remembered Accurately and Inaccurately this fascinating autobiography has only been published once before (in 1944). From her respectable but stifling Irish Presbyterian family, to theosophy and mysticism, the sacred land, nature beings, fairies. Then moving to America in all its splendours and novelty, her life with the mystics of Halcyon and the “Dunites” a free-wheeling community of painters, writers, poets and visionaries in San Luis Opisbo. Ella also  transplanted her magical Irish ritual order to America, which continued her work until the 1980s. 


The Sphere Group

Sally North and Tony Fuller

First Edition, first printing.

A comprehensive collection of the Sphere Group documents, with biographical notes on each of the members. The book will include unpublished material and full colour illustrations of the ritual diagrams with expanded material. Also included will be a discussion of the controversy about the legitimacy of the group, actioned by Annie Horniman.

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