Holythorn Press publishes forgotten books, previously unpublished esoteric texts, and new translations

of the strange, magical and mysterious.

Holythorn Press Publishing Schedule 2022

This is our preliminary list for the coming year, which will be updated

regularly, there are a number of other titles in progress.

May 2022 The Egyptian Rituals. Florence Farr

The long-awaited second edition is here. Shipping from 23rd May 2022.

Available to purchase now from the shop.


June 2022  Selected Essays,  Theodore Moriarty.

First publication from the lecture series given by Moriarty to his private study

group which included Dion Fortune.  Introductory essay by James North.


Samhain 2022 A History of Irish Magic.

A unique survey of Irish paganism, Christian heterodoxy, folk magic, fairy

lore, and Irish magic and its role in the Celtic Revival.

By Holythorn Press founders Sally North and James North.