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The Mystery of Man - Theodore William Carte Moriarty

Widely believed to have been the real-life inspiration behind the protagonist of The Secrets of Doctor Taverner by Dion Fortune, Theodore Moriarty was a mysterious figure who practiced alternative healing and taught a small circle of students until his untimely death in 1923. A selection of his private lectures are printed here for the first time, taken from a larger collection of manuscript and typescript notes of his students. Ranging over diverse subjects such as ancient history and religion, the development of Homo Sapiens, the evolution of the spirit, the first forms of consciousness, and many more, these lectures give some idea of what he taught to his students, which included Dion Fortune.

A secretive and enigmatic man, the autobiographical information generally available is inaccurate on many points. The editors have endeavoured to correct the misinformation and give a fuller account of the facts of Moriarty’s life. A series of introductory essays by James North sheds light not only on Moriarty’s biography but also on the influences and the originality of his ideas. Readers of Dion Fortune will find familiar themes here.

The Mystery of Man

  • 345 x 190 x 20 mm

    348 pp.

    Paperback, perfect bound

    ISBN 9781838445324

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