Saducismus Triumphatus, or, A Full and Plain Evidence concerning Witches and Apparitions in two parts: The First Treating of their Possibility, The Second of their Real Existence.

By Joseph Glanvill late Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty, and Fellow of the Royal Society.

This important text on witchcraft and supernatural phenomena such as hauntings and poltergeist activity has been rendered into modern English and fully annotated by Paul Summers Young.


Often inpsiring later writers but rarely cited, Saducismus Triumphatus contains some of the earliest mentions of the "witch bottle" - a charm against sorcery and the use of the phrase "Merry meet and merry part". With testimonies from witchcraft trials in England, Ireland and Sweden giving a fascinating glimpse into the lives and experiences of those who practised witchcraft in 17th century England and those who hunted and prosecuted them.